Take action to help vultures:


Educate yourself about vultures, and become an advocate! Spread the word about these unsung heros of the natural world and their importance.

Stay up to date on vulture news and look out for actionable items, like supporting vulture protection laws.


Donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to expand and continue our work. Contributions support our educational outreach programs and wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

Sev, our ambassador vulture

Shop: The Vulture Conservancy is self-funded by Foxfeather and her business Foxloft Studios – purchases there directly support our work.

“Keep Calm and Carrion”, Vulture Stack, and Baby Vulture Love shirts by Foxfeather

Join our Patreon! Wildlife Rehabilitation is done on a completely volunteer basis, it is not a paid position. We receive no aid from the government and do not charge anything for our services. Training, veterinary care, supplies, food, time, and all expenses are out of pocket, and can be quite extensive.

Needed Item Donations if you’re local to South-Eastern Minnesota:

  • Paper Towels (we go through so, so many paper towels) 
  • Bath Towels (smooth fibers, without loops that claws could get caught in) 
  • Miter saw that can handle 4x4s (or preferably 6x6s) – for cage building 
  • Reptarium soft screen enclosures

If you would like to help vultures yourself, here’s a few ideas how:

  • If you hunt, please switch to non-lead ammunition, and encourage others to do so. It takes only a tiny amount of lead to lethally poison a vulture (and many other raptors), something completely avoidable with alternatives. If you fish, use non-lead weights, and remove equipment from the environment after use.
  • Slow down near birds on the road and (using gloves or protection) move roadkill off the side if you can safely do so.
  • Support environmental groups and legislation that encourages better controls of toxic and hazardous chemicals such as pesticides.
  • Encourage your local power company to increase visibility of power-lines so they can be avoided by raptors, and support bird-safe research on wind energy solutions.
  • Support zoos and organizations that have vulture captive breeding programs, offer rehabilitation, or conduct research. They are often the front lines for conservation efforts worldwide.
  • Help spread the word about how interesting, important, and special vultures are to increase awareness and get others to join in the efforts!

Donate to another Vulture Conservation organization:

Vulpro – South Africa

SAVE – Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction